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Have known each other for years, but the working group started in occasion of La Stampa Academy, a workshop on visual and data-driven journalism organized by the italian newspaper La Stampa and Google in January 2014.
In this occasion the three professionals merged their skills on design, IT and multimedia journalism, creating The European Job project, an interactive infographic regarding the job market situation and the possibilities of career in a European perspective. This project has been awarded by Wired Italy, who promoted its realization publishing it on his website and on his journal.

    Donato De Ieso

    / Web Engineer

    he realized his first website in 1999 with a IBM 386 and a Modem 33.6 kbps when Google was not yet born. Hacker for passion, he graduated in cyber security and he has been cooperating for different companies for over ten years. He is also a start-upper of inpolitix.com

    Alessandra Spagnoli

    / Lead Designer

    designer, she is contract professor at the Politecnico University in Milan, she cooperates as a researcher for the department of design since 2008. Among her wide interests, she focuses on interior graphic design and on the planning of new models and strategies for the promotion of cultural heritage.

    Filippo Tramelli

    / Journalist

    born 1980, he starts as a radio speaker in early 2000, as author and editor in Radio 24 and Radio Italia Network. He starts working as a multimedia journalist in 2006, becoming associate of Primopiano and writing on the TGCOM24 website.


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